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Introduction Media has planned a important role in leading an civilized life by playing an important role in man’s life. It acts as a circulator of information and platform for communication with people and the government by providing information related to socio-cultural and politico-economic aspect of a society. Media Ethics has been defined in various styles. It has been a widely discuessed topic globally for many centures. Ethics is derived from the Greek word “ethos” meaning usage or character. Ethics is a branch of philosophy that involves systematizing defending and recommending concepts of right and wrong behavior (, 2015). These ethics consist of principles and good practices applicable to all the professionals in this…show more content…
Media has the power to mobilize and mould public opinion and which is expected to do within the framework provided, but unfortunately it is not doing. According to Mahatma Gandhi, the sole aim of journalism should be service. The media has great power to bring down a whole country and its government to destruction if not controlled in the right direction. The best example to support this is the Arab Spring, a series of protest and demonstration across the Middle East and North Africa that commenced in 2010. It can only be useful if controlled from within. The main aim of news agency in India is to make money or control the minds of public. In order to make profit, news has been converted into a commodity that is bartered and traded in the flagrant and thoughtless manner and the value, ethics and sentiments with news have changed. Sensationalism and trivialization has overtaken ethics in todays world, leading to public trust in media…show more content…
This means the reporter has to retain/withhold certain information like name of the minor children, crime victims or information not relavent to a particular news report which could harm someone reputation or life or hinder the functions of administration. The best case to support this problem is the “Noida double murder case” which happened in 2008. This case is also known as Murder of Aarushi Talwar. It refers to the murder of 14 year old Aarushi Talwae and 45 year old Hermraj Banjade, who worked as a domestic help with her family in Noida, India. This case stired the interest of public and received heavy media covergae. The sensational media coverage, which included salacious allegations against Aarushi and the suspects, was criticized by many as a trial by media. Aarushi’s body was found on 16th May, the missing servant Hemraj was considered as the main suspect. However his body was later found on the terrace on the next day. The police were blamed for not securing the crime scene immediately. After the death of the servent, the whole focus later shifted to the parents – Dr.Rajesh and Nupur Talwar as the prime suspect. IN 2009, due to the circumstantial evidence RajesH Talwar was the only suspect but the lack of evidence no charges were issuesed.In November 2013 the parents were conivted and sentenced to life imprisonment. This case came under intense media scruitiny with the manner and grammer of coverage

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