Media Ethics In Islam

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Media Ethics In the span of communication, effective communication is important in affecting public point of view. Before exploring more about Media Ethics in Islam one should have a clear knowledge about Media and Ethics. How they can be related with each other in knowledge of Islam? Media is now a day’s fundamental channel of communication all around the world in form of broadcasting and narrowcasting which included television, newspapers, internet, and communication through telephone. Ethics or Moral Philosophy is moral principles dealing with good and bad moral duty of an individual behavior, which is based on the activity which is conducted by particular group, culture, and etc. Media Ethics When we combine these two subdivisions we…show more content…
All the set of instructions are provided in Holy Quran in understanding difference between right and wrong. If a Muslim act against the teachings of Islam it consider as a wrong act. The way Muslims are sketched in the media is a very debatable issue. Muslim Umma is facing many social, financial, scientific and educational problems, which make them depended on western countries. Muslims should be more focused on Islamic perspective of communication in the light of Quran and Hadith. After Umma now Muslims are responsibly to fight against evil way of…show more content…
The news of a journalist is actually a witness, whose stealing from public is a sin. Allah says: “And do not conceal evidence; for whoever conceals it, his heart is tainted with sin. And Allah knows all that you do.” (AlBakra: 283). Allah has further said: “And cover not Truth with falsehood, nor conceal the Truth, when you know (what it is)” (Al Bakra: 42). Another important aspect of the Islamic concept of communication is that wisdom and sanity have special importance in communication. Here are few things to keep in communication with respect to ethics in Islam. • No commutation media has right to interfere in personal lives of the people. Islam secured the private lives of Muslims. • Scandals of women should not be highlighted in media, there should be special care in matters regarding women. • Allah Almighty has made compulsory to respect all human, using bad names for each other is forbidden in Holy

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