Children Cruelty To Animals

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Children being cruel to animals became frequent subject in recent years. That phenomenon caused many organizations linking cruelty to animals with child abuse and domestic violence. Childhood cruelty to animals is often represented as a signal for child abuse. Children who had been sexually or physically abused occur to be more cruel to animals than those who had not been abused. Childhood cruelty to animals also take place more at children who had been direct victims of domestic violence or just witnessing it. Despite the fact childhood cruelty to animals have been noticed more in abused children this yet has to be proven. In this study participants were British children, members of Environmental Risk Longitudinal Study, twins born in England and Wales. There were 1116 families participating. Samples were constructed when…show more content…
There were 49% boys and 51% girls. The study showed that cruelty to animals was rare and appear in only 9% children of age 5-12 years with younger children but is also explained as bad motor control at that age. Important part is also children’s understanding of others emotions that they might apply to their behavior to animals. It is also possible that children learn from instructions of others what is an appropriate behavior with animals. One more possible conclusion is that children 10-13 years old may number more cruelty to animals than data collected because their parents may be uninformed about it if cruelty happened. Probability of children who were cruel to animals have been abused and maltreated was twice more than children who were not cruel to animals. It can also be a consequence of poor social and economic environment which can support problems like cruelty to animals and child abuse. Domestic violence can increase likelihood children being cruel to animals. It is higher when there are problems like drugs, poor parent education, high

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