Disability In The Disabled Community

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What group of people gets misjudged and discriminated other than race? One of them would be disabled people. It’s not very noticeable, but is a massive problem within the disabled community. Most think they’re weak, need constant care and can’t do anything. It’s the complete opposite actually, disabled citizens can make a difference anywhere despite their disability. One man who represents that would be Paul K. Longmore, he is a professor and an activist supporting disabled citizens to live a fair life and get rid of stigma around disability (Shapiro). Paul helped people with disabilities to become accepted in society and to have an easier life. Before this, Polio struck Longmore at seven years old; as Paul was growing up, he realized that…show more content…
Traditional rehabilitation a policy defined accommodations such as architectural modifications, adaptive devices (wheelchairs, optical readers) and services (sign-language interpreters) as special benefits to those who are fundamentally dependent. Disability-rights ideology redefined them as merely different modes of functioning, and not inherently inferior.” (Disability Rag) Having this, he knows it would put a lot less strain on disabled people, which wouldn’t affect “normal” people at the same time. Another way he thought of being stages into a better life for disabilities is, “The first phase sought to move disabled people from the margins of society to the mainstream by demanding that discrimination be outlawed and that access and accommodations be mandated. The first phase, argued for social inclusion. The second phase has asserted the necessity for self-definition… The second has repudiated the nondisabled majority norms that partly gave rise to the medical model,” (Disability…show more content…
Later on he got recognized for his good doings, “In 2005, Mr. Longmore won the Henry B. Betts Award from the American Association of People with Disabilities, named in honor of the rehabilitation medicine pioneer and advocate for people with physical disabilities.” (Nelson). Paul won an award and peoples respect for standing up for the disabled community showing that disability is no burden and they’re just like us without it. “After earning his doctorate in 1984, Longmore taught at USC and delved into advocacy for the disabled.” (Nelson). Knowing that Longmore is physically ill, he proved a lot of people wrong that he can do things just like we can despite his disability. “The movement recast "disability" as "a problem located mainly out there in society" that had to be dealt with, Longmore had said, whether it meant improving access by placing wheelchair-accessible ramps on curbs or elevators in buildings.” (Nelson). He informed that it’s not the disabled at fault here, However the people who think it’s taboo and is considered weak, having it; which spreads making seem like it’s true. Although Paul Longmore is not with us to this day he did leave a mark on this world bettering lives of the

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