Gods In Ancient Civilizations

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Worshiping a god is something that every ancient culture had practiced. Civilizations like Sumerian, Hebrews and Greeks portrays many roles of gods and goddess’. All of these cultures heavily relies on satisfying god’s wishes. The Sumerians and the Greeks had similar types of gods. They were Polytheistic as they had more than one God. On the other hand the Hebrew were monotheistic and believed in only one god. Texts from these ancient civilizations demonstrates how god controls their lives. The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Hebrew Bible, and The Odyssey are texts that demonstrates how the divinity played a major role in someone’s life. When things don’t go according to god’s wish, then god punish the humans in order to teach them a lesson. Sometimes…show more content…
The gods first created Enkidu in order to teach Gilgamesh a lesson which is to become more humane and realize that he is not the strongest (Page 98). Gilgamesh is characterized as someone who is super strong and arrogant. He harbors no sympathy for other humans as he considers himself as the above everyone else. Upon battling with Enkidu, Gilgamesh comes to the realization that someone else can also be as strong as him. This is what gods wanted him to feel and understand. This demonstrates that no matter how powerful Gilgamesh is, the god will make sure he does not cross the limit. Another example when Gilgamesh was challenged by the gods is when he went against Ishtar. When Gilgamesh refuses to give in to the goddess Ishtar, she causes disaster for him by unleashing the “Bull of heaven” (Page 127). This shows that it is important to satisfy a god’s wish or desire. However, Gilgamesh still has not realize his fault and continue to upset the god by killing the Bull of heaven with the help of Enkidu. Thus, the gods decide to kill one of them and Enkidu who Chosen to die. Enkidu’s death affected Gilgamesh greatly as they were very close and he lost someone dear to him. This eventually makes Gilgamesh realize the feeling of grief and fear death. This action of god proves that gods can be cruel if things don’t go according to their plan. As their plan to make Gilgamesh lose through Enkidu failed…show more content…
When people’s lack of faith in god and disobedience starts to increase god decided to bring “The Great Flood” and destroy the humankind and save only Noah and his family who is faithful to him (Page 151). This demonstrates that god punished those who are goes against his rule and rewards those who stays faithful. Another example of god’s punishment is when Adam and Eve were sent to Earth as they ate fruit from the tree of Knowledge. This shoes that going against god’s wish will eventually lead to harsh punishment. Adam’s punishment is learning to working hard for resources and Eve’s punishment is that she will have to bear the pain during child birth (Page 161). In this bible the story of Job also demonstrates god’s control of human. In order to test faithfulness of Job god creates many sufferings for him. Even after being a great human being and faithful follower Job loses his family, wealth and suffers from sickness (Page 156). In The Hebrew Bible also portrays god’s favoritism. In this Noah is favored by the God as only Noah his family are saved from the flood. Just like Utanapishtim, God gives Noah instructions on how to survive the flood (Page 163). Noah is saved because he stays true to his belief and remains faithful even when everyone else are disobeying the god. Moses, another one of God’s favorite people. God chose Moses

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