Charlie Hebdo Case Study

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I. The journalism ethical problem chosen by this group referred from the Topics is Chapter Eight: Sensitivity, Decency, and Obscenity. II. The Background case study about Charlie Hebdo Attack: Three days of terror. (News taken from BBC) The Case Study is about a famous magazine: Charlie Hebdo, a French Journalism which has no sensitivity over religion when publishing a cartoon drawing showing no respect over the religion and has offended million of Muslims people around the world that has the knowledge of what’s happening with the magazine and the sensitive cartoon that the organization has published. This has followed by years and earlier this year, there are attacks from terror who made by the Muslims extremists and 12 people were killed in the incident. Charlie Hebdo is famous because of publishing sensitive issue that has offended the specific people. Charlie Hebdo magazine also has not only has offended the Muslims only but also the Christians when they published about the…show more content…
The media plays an important role in delivering news to the public. The media must be fair to all of the religion and people in this world. They must not be racism especially when creating and writing their news. It can be seen that, after the attacks of Charlie Hebdo, most of the west media start to call the criminal as a terrorist because they are Muslim. Thus, it is not fair to the other Muslim and not a good example of the media. The Muslim people might feel that the west media is unfair to them and hence, they might think that the media is not dependable and trustable to be read. The media will lost all of their trustiness that people put on them. Besides that, through this case, it had proven to the people that not all media aims to deliver good and appropriate news to the public. People might get annoyed with the media if they keep disseminating news that can ruin the harmony among the

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