The Importance Of Media Ethics

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Ethics are moral codes of conduct that individuals live by. Unlike a law, ethics aren’t imposed on you by the government but rather instilled in you by your surroundings and other contributing factors like one’s upbringing. Media practitioners are constantly faced with the dilemma of ethics in the sense that they may be requested to write a story that may conflict with their ethical views. Media ethics are focused on actions that are morally acceptable and those that are not. They help media practitioners in deciphering moral dilemmas. Not only has the technology age seen the rise of citizen journalism but it has also given new ways in which individuals can express their opinion. The media does its best to not only put across their point of…show more content…
In a country whose past is plagued by governmental restriction and constant media regulation, one begins to wonder where this new bill would fit in a democracy. Due to the ANC’s continual stronghold over the country, opposition is limited therefore it seems that the media has assumed this role yet due to their heavy criticism of the government, their views may be perceived as antipathy (Wasserman, n.d). Normative ethics focuses on the supposed roles that the media need assume in a society. these theories help to develop a yardstick I which the media can be held accountable in response to the quality as well as the performance. This theory can only be applied if the right to freedom of expression is being enforced (Clarke: 2011). The proponents of the normative theory that applicable in this essay are of speech are authoritarian, libertarian and the libertarian…show more content…
However, like the Charlie Hebdo tragedy showed, freedom of expression has its limits. Government control is only enforced when the media begins to impose on the rights of others or releases information that could endanger national security which begins the debate of ‘the right to know’. The intended of the Protection of Information Bill can use the libertarian theory as justification as government information could endanger national security. There always needs to be a line drawn when free speech has the potential to harm others (Deventer,

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