Describe The Five Ways To Overcoming Barriers To Communication

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• Keep an open mind- Avoid making assumptions and judging the speaker. Listen to the whole message which will explain or give an insight to the speaker’s feelings or experiences. You may even learn something new. • Eye contact- eye contact helps you not get easily distracted by your surroundings, it helps you focus on the speaker and the message which need to be evaluated. • Listen to the speakers expressions and tone- the tone of the voice will emphasise key words and will help understand the speakers feelings and body language towards the message conveyed to the audience. 1.2) Describe the different types of meetings • A brainstorming meeting includes people from different groups or departments. This is creative fast thinking where…show more content…
Eg: weather issues, bad server etc 3.2)Identify and explain any five ways to overcome barriers to communication. • Use feedback- this feedback can be verbal or written. Constructive and useful feedback will result in better communication between the sender and receiver. The feedback should be clear and useful and not negative. • Simplify language- the sender might convey the wrong message due the choice of words or lack of knowledge to overcome this barrier the messages should be clear and simple words should be used to help the receiver understand the message more correctly. Vague and uncertain words should be avoided. • Active listening- the receiver may misinterpret the message from the sender if the receiver is not paying attention and listening to the sender. The receiver needs to be actively listening with a proper understanding by asking questions and being involved in the conversation, instead of just hearing the sender and not understanding the message. The receiver should develop empathy and put his/ herself in the position of the

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