Carol Gilligan's Tier System Of Care Analysis

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In accordance of both Carol Gilligan’s Ethic of Care and Hannah Arendt’s own ethical philosophy, both theories conclude that viewing and distributing stories of violent domestic abuse and beheading is unethical. In Carol Gilligan’s Ethic of Care system it would be indefinitely apparent that viewing these images and videos are completely unethical. In Gilligan’s tier system of care, the viewer goes through three important segways; a selfish want of viewing the said “shock porn”; a self-sacrifice of allowing their moral to be tarnished, and lastly; to uphold the responsibility of viewing sacred, intimate displays of horrific harm. The viewer must acknowledge that by looking these images or video that they are affecting the involved family,…show more content…
Arendt would of argued that in her publication, “The Human Condition” that many citizens were free to perform in the public world of the city because others took care of their personal needs in the private sphere.” (Christians) Meaning, that she believed that people can operate at their own discretion however, it is the supplier that holds the responsibility of distributing material that could be deemed touchy. These examples of video and pictures would be unethical to look at, but more importantly the suppliers are proving themselves to be even less ethical due to their distribution…show more content…
However, I cannot justify a strong bias to be on the media supplier’s side due to my strong moral beliefs. I believe that any publisher/organization’s role in society is to contain a high commitment to ethics and a sincere social responsibility towards their consumers. (Martin) I personally believe that if I were to be in the spot of administering something that might be bordering on creating a conflict, I would go through the three variables of the Situational Theory. I would start with problem recognition, and see the issue and how it might affect a population. I would then transition into a constraint of recognition and make sure that people can feel that they can have some sort of power or say about what I am going to be publishing, and lastly, the level of involvement must be adequate enough so that people will care about resolving the issue. By doing so, it will allow myself, in a sticky PR situation that revolved around damage control, to create communication strategies for the specific publics that I am affecting directly or

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