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Media Bias The media plays an important role in society. It can be expressed in the content of television shows, new broadcasts, newspapers, or even through social networking. Millions of people rely on the media to find out information and situations that are occurring around the world. People consult to their televisions, radios, and newspapers for the news. Different media sources such as Facebook, or even New York Times are just of the few source that individuals can gain information from. After view the media, people may form opinions on certain topics based on what was seen, heard, and read from the news source. This opens doors to the world of biased media. For many years, there has always been an issue upon the topic of media bias. Many people view bias in the media as an unbalanced reporting of events or ideals, which may reflect the viewpoints of those in the media and not the population as a whole. Media bias is any stereotype set forth by the media that portrays individuals to society in a certain way. Many people argue that different media organizations do not cover the news…show more content…
The viewers have no control on how the media covers those topics is mainly up to the person that is covering a story. The mistakes that many of these media outlets make in journalism is by using their power to persuade viewer. This affects the way people from different groups feel about certain topics. Many people may argue that certain media sources are better than others, but reality is that media bias will always be an issue among media. For many years there has always been media bias. In the future, people will be able to recognize what media bias is and how it has an effect on society. People then will be able to find a way to prevent it from happening. In the future, people may be able to generate a fair, unbiased media that is diverse and one that encompasses the ideas what an ideal media should present to the

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