Deiism Vs Christian Worldviews Essay

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Worldviews can be defined as the all - inclusive framework of an individual’s basic beliefs about things and their relationships. Those beliefs being something an individual commits themselves to and are willing to stand up for. It is an individual’s set of principles by which they judge right and wrong and guide their everyday living. Basically individuals behave according to their worldview. Worldviews deal with questions about life and the world in general. However, everyone has their own individual answers to those questions and those answers form their worldview. Deism and Christian are two worldviews that share a common belief in God, but have fundamental differences. Deism and Christian worldviews have basically one similarity. Both…show more content…
Deists believe in the existence of a God as the creator. This God is not a personal one and does not reveal himself to his creation in a personal way. They believe that the only way to know anything about the characteristics of God is by observing nature and by human reason. Most Deists view God as a clockmaker. They believe that God created the universe and then let it go to run on its own. Deists believe that human beings have been created by God as individual beings and consider man as only a part of the mechanical operation of the universe. A Deism worldview believes that human beings are responsible for living their life based on their assumptions about the nature of reality. It also believes that a person can receive favor from God for eternal life by living a good life in the present world. God will be pleased if people treat others with dignity and respect. A Deism worldview denies the Holy Trinity, that the Bible is the word of God, the divine nature of Christ, miracles and any unnatural act of salvation. Deists believe God to be uncertain, uncaring and uninvolved. A Christian believes that God is absolute, miracles do occur, human dignity and the possibility of salvation. A Christian believes that God has everything to do with the world and is constantly interacting with

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