Niqab Bias

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In election campaigns the job of the media is to empower voters with the knowledge of the issues during the campaign. However, it is the job of the voter to realize that certain news sources may have a bias. To view a topic from all available sides of a story voters need to read more than one article on each issue. Although, due to lack of interest very few do. It is important to note that during campaigns the media get to pick and choose the information that they will report, this means that important ideas and opinions may be left out of stories. In addition, any story could be ‘slanted’ in a certain direction to make a political party look more or less successful. The two media outlets I chose were The Globe and Mail and The National Post.…show more content…
The language used in this article to discuss the issue of niqabs was very accusatory and the author made it clear that they believed that the issue of women wearing niqabs during citizenship ceremonies was “a blatant distraction fuelled by cynicism, fear mongering and misinformation.” This article discusses how women who chooses to wear a niqab during their citizenship ceremony is in no way attempting to hide their identity because they would have had to previously identify themselves in private before being allowed to take the oath. The author also then states that the Conservative Party is “cynically misleading” and that they are trying to create a “wedge that will separate them from the other parties.” In other words, the article is stating the Conservative Party beliefs are entirely based upon separating themselves from the other political parties. If it was not clear in the article before the final paragraph that the writer did not appreciate the Conservative Party it was abundantly clear after the statement that “ Canada, Mr Harper’s semantics notwithstanding, is not a ‘family’ governed by a parental authority that lays down a dress
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