Spread Of Germs Rhetorical Analysis

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Rhetorical Analysis: Preventing the Spread of Germs Germs are everywhere; using antibacterial soaps and hand gels are two different ways to prevent the spread of bacteria. Companies advertise their product to the public so people can buy them. They use the three elements of rhetoric to capture the audience attention. By doing so they give two clear pictures of germs or in other word pathogens. Germs will always be around, they will always have a way of reaching everyone. Although there is a solutions to prevent the spread of germs. Two advertisements that capture the audience’s attention are Protex Antibacterial soap and Sanzer Hand gel. Many do not like to think about bacteria and companies use the rhetorical concepts to make the audience…show more content…
The company responsible for this advertisement makes the background look clear and white so that the nail stands out. It seems to be the only clean spot compared to the fingernail. On the side of the finger nail it seems to have a sneaker hanging down from under. This sneaker was put there to symbolize that germs are in fact sneaky, we cannot see them but they are there. The nail looks as if it is pointing at the audience. This was done purposefully to show that the ad is talking to ‘you’. The picture shows a clear tone of pathos. It shows the negative feeling of disgust due to the details of the dirt under the fingernail. Secondly, it adds on the statement of logic saying ‘the things you touch stay with you’ this statement gives the audience a thought that it is true because bacteria are everywhere. Lastly, they place the little picture of their hand soap product. This establishes the companies’ credibility. They do not need to place a big symbol to show their company because the dirty finger nail sums up the whole idea that to get rid of this, the Protex Antibacterial soap can help. The ad also uses ethos in a specific way, the product is placed in the upper right hand corner and also given a specific color that will stand out in the white background. Also the logic leads straight to the product. This product has been proven to kill 99% of bacteria. It uses a specific type of antibacterial chemical named, triclocarban that helps kill the

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