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Review of Literature Queer Culture studies are fairly new to the field of academic studies especially in the discipline of communication. The growing interest on it has just begun a few decades ago when the social sciences conducted numerous researches about it, in line with their psychological, personality, and identity researches. Before this, all researches mainly focused on traditional gender types present in society, the heterosexual individuals. This is reflected on how little the research on this culture is, most probably because participants are reluctant to disclose information about their gender orientation. Until now, some still regard homosexuality and bisexuality as “stigmatized identities”. (Nicholas, 2004). However, it is safe to say that there is an increasing rate of acceptance for these gender orientations because the awareness of the public about these genders are slowly increasing. Lastly, the recent use of queer culture to refer to all people who identify themselves as “non-heterosexual” which include homosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals, transgender, or people who do not identify themselves with the conventional gender orientation. (Ibid). Merriam Webster's Dictionary mentioned two use of the…show more content…
In this study, Monica Revadulla said that most homosexuals in the Philippines are discriminated in almost every aspect of their lives. Consequently, as stated in the study, most of the homosexuals in the Philippines prefer not to publicly display their affection and intimacy towards their intimate relationship partners. (Revadulla, 2011). In the same study, the author has also cited a number of undergraduate theses that delves on homosexuality. It can be deduced that there is a growing interest related to

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