Labor Union Case Study Summary

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1. Briefly state the purpose of the research. (5 points) The purpose of this research was to see how effective labor union education would be for college level students apart from the negativity that is presented in the media. The Communications Workers of America implemented an educational program titled: Toward a Better Understanding of Unions. 2. Identify the research strategy (e.g., McGrath’s circumplex) and research design (e.g., X’s and O’s) employed. Do they appropriately address the researcher's question(s)? (10 points) The research strategy used was a Field Experiment. The fact that the seminar took place at the Communication Workers of America’s natural head quarters indicates that this was not a simulation of an actual place where the seminar would take place. It is an actual real life existing entity. I would distinguish this from a field study by stating that the students were not only observed but the setting was contrived since the CWA developed the program for the students. The experiment was a Quasi-experimental design, specifically pretest-posttest experimental design. There was an pretest given using the Attitudes Toward Unions scale (O1). The treatment being given through the use of the Toward a Better Understanding of Unions program (X).…show more content…
Therefore, the entire design of the educational program was developed with this bias in mind. As a result, students may have just enjoyed the fun learning activities, field trip, and getaway which affected how the may have wanted to answer the questions a second time around. They may really more so like the experiment and also wanted the researchers to feel that the experiment is worth-while since the researchers treated the students in a kind

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