Fox News Bias

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Fox news and the Conservative Bias Bryan Surratt Texas Tech University 11/23/14 In the new age of digital media and all access news with social media and twenty four hour news channels; one channel has stood out as the most popular, Fox news. Fox news is the most watched cable news channel in the United States beating out CNN and Msnbc to name a few. Fox news over the past ten years has consistently been at the top of the broadcast news demographics and ratings. Fox news also has gained a reputation for framing their stories in a conservative way to please their viewers who consistently say that over sixty-five percent of their audience is conservative. The highest out of the any of the major news channels on Television in the…show more content…
It is written that framing consists of three elements: Language, Thought, and Forethought (Fairhurst & Sarr (1996). I picked framing theory because of how much it affects people who watch Fox news and how unaware of it that they are. Fox news is increasing the gap between liberals and conservatives and is hurting the country by doing so. Research Question My research question is how Fox news has become a trusted new source for so many people, but it also is a source of laughter for so many others. Method The experimental method because this is the best way to test my research question. The experimental method would be the best with a pre-test and post-test. This method would lead to good research and could help the research question reach an answer.…show more content…
Of the many articles that I looked at that had to do with framing and Fox news it consistently mentioned how conservative their viewers were. A study done by listed statistics about how viewers of Fox are the least informed viewers of news in the nation. When interviewing people who watch Fox, they found that they were 18% less likely to know facts about major political stories such as the fact that the Egyptians overthrew their government (Forbes). A study published in the Huffington post online found that those who watched Fox news were less informed then those who watched political satire such as the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The results that I expect are stated above and after doing all this research I was able to come to this conclusion, I believe that those who watch Fox news are less informed than those who do not and; the experiments done by others have proven this more often than

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