Media Bias In Social Media

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Imagine a world where one person can believe what they are told. Now stop imagining because that world does not exist. In the real world, people are faced with the grim reality that any information given to them, be it through social media or even television, could have strongly opinionated information because of their biased agenda. In the 19th century media bias first originated as a commonality for the United States. It started off with newspapers printing articles that associated with different political parties and how the publisher felt. The concept of writing exaggerations or ignorantly falsified information became known as yellow journalism. The 19th century also introduced the definition of what the media’s true function is. The media…show more content…
The Constitution states that “congress shall make no law that prohibits the exercise of free speech”. The allowance of speaking out, benefits a democracy because what a citizen says is very important since a democracy is made by the people and for the people. This is proven by Peter John Chen, a teacher that teaches about politics, in his book Australian Politics in a Digital Age, when stating “the significance of public opinion is clear: governments rise and fall based on it.” The power of the people is what creates our foundation for a democracy. It is the people that creates these media outlets and it is the people that forms the biased opinions. Since we are allowed to have our own opinions even if their biased “people can partake in distasteful rhetoric, such as racist or sexist comments and distasteful remarks towards public policy.” Biased opinions are protected by our first amendment, so saying media bias threatens democracy is like saying the first amendment threatens democracy. The first amendment, defends our right to speak freely. It guarantees our right to express ourselves in speech, religion, petitions, assemblies and press, without the fear of punishment by censorship or governmental interference. Under this first amendment, we have the ability to express our own political opinions, the very foothold of what a democratic government relies itself on. The…show more content…
These people’s solution is to control media outlets. However, they have not considered that people have been taught civic online reasoning which teaches that not everything mentioned or advertised online is true. Also they did not consider how hypocritical to control media outlets. Its hypocritical because it limits our freedoms. There are more threats to democracy that are unlooked at as well. An example include socioeconomic inequality. Jared Diamond, a scientist and author states in his article “Four Threats to American Democracy” written back in 2014 claims “income and wealth disparity in the United States (as measured by the Gini Index of equality/ inequality and in other ways) is much higher in the United States than in any other large first world democracy.” There has been a problem in the United states with inequality in recent times. This causes some people to be angry since different societal classes are being treated differently. An example of inequality would be in inequality of

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