Beethoven 5th Symphony

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Song Analysis Paper Whenever a composer writes a symphony it’s supposed to be a large piece of music that is long and drawn out. Beethoven’s 5th symphony is quite the exception though. When he composed this piece of music, Beethoven wasn’t looking to make it a normal length piece of music. The entire piece is about 50 minutes long instead of the usual 20-25 minute symphony. The clarinets and the strings play and are recognized most of the first movement of the song. The Main rhythm of the 5th symphony is repeated over and over throughout the entire piece; using 3 short notes followed by one long note. There is a lot of wild energy and little notes constantly being played throughout the first movement. The 5th symphony doesn’t really have…show more content…
Beethoven uses the first and second theme and combines them to create a little different feeling to the piece. I feel like Beethoven expands the motive rhythmically without repeating too much of what has already been played. This great polyphonic texture suddenly comes to a halt and is reduced to two notes, and then one note. The strings and woodwinds seem to have some sort of conversation with each other. After this slow-down, Beethoven brings back the Allegro tempo and the excitement, but then backs it down to one to two notes once again. This happens twice and then the symphony begins to build and build and gets louder until the piece reaches the recapitulation of the first movement. There’s some repetition of the first section with a little alteration of harmony. The oboe then plays the cadenza right when the climax is supposed to happen and throws everything off. Though it was inserted in such a random place, it works perfectly and extends the recapitulation. In the accompaniment/melody, there’s always the three short notes followed by the one long note motive. The coda in this movement is longer than in any other movement. The first theme of the second movement is played by only the violas and cellos, and then answered by the

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