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Bands in general date back hundreds and hundreds of years ago. Marching bands are what started Drum Corps and both have the same idea. both share an idea for a celebration or a party or even a festival. The both have a visually and musical entertainment. Bands have evolved from just a stage to where they are now moving and making complex shapes. There are similarities between Drum Corps and a typical Marching Band. Marching band is a group people who play one or more songs using a combination of instruments together and display a combination of music in a parade. Generally, the appearance of the Marching Band is led by one or more drum major, and do outdoor or indoor performances. They can be in rows that form a pattern formation with a constantly…show more content…
Along with the growth in time, Marching Band soon made its way into the military in the early days of the city state era. The military marching bands are what closely resemble what we see now. Although the pattern Marching Band has evolved far, there are still a lot of military traditions that survived in what Marching Band is now. Some Military traditions are still seen in a bands uniform, the instruments, and the model of instruction that have been changed…show more content…
Brass instruments are one of the major groups that you hear. These include trumpets, fluglehorns, mellophones, trumbones, and tubas. These insturments get you some squeaky, high tone, and low tone sounds. The next major section of a Marching Band are the woodwinds. These include clarinets, saxophones, and flutes. These get the more quiet sounds that you would hear in either a decrescendo or pianissimo. The last major group of instruments in a marching band is the percussion section. This is then split into two groups that include the drums and keyboards. The drum sections consist of snare drums, quad drums, bass drums, and cymbals. The keyboard section consists of xylophone, vibraphone, marimba, bells, and a piano or

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