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Upon enrolling in my freshman year of high school, I made the decision to join my school's marching band program. Unbeknownst to me, it would not be long before, I found out this would be the best decision of my high school career. Despite the fact that marching band is an extremely difficult physical task with twelve hour rehearsals in the summer and rainy miserable rehearsals in the the fall, marching band is my favorite activity. Marching band has immensely impacted my life in ways no other activity has before. Marching band has shaped who I am in many way and has taught me so many lessons that I will continue to implement throughout my life. The most valuable lessons I have learned from joining marching band are those of perseverance and self- confidence. My whole life I have struggled with making friends and finding acceptance. Marching band made me feel wanted and after several years, I finally found a group I could identify with. For the first time in my life, I found solace and peace because I was accepted and appreciated. Despite the fact that our marching band was not successful at competitions I began to notice the ways it impacted my peers and began to…show more content…
A few months after the season ended my dad lost his full time job of moving furniture. My family struggled financially, and after marching band ended I felt like I had no one. My parents were stressed out trying to figure how to pay the bills and manage the little bit of money we did have. The stress and anger that filled my household drove me crazy. My parents fought on a daily basis and were near the point of divorce. My Dad, my brother and I all struggled to cope with my alcoholic mother and her outrageous outbursts. All I could do after school was go home and sleep. My grades plummeted and I was more alone than ever. On many days, band was the only reason I went to school and sometimes continued to live. But, I did not quit and I did not give

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