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The first time we performed as a marching band, as a color guard, as a family, I knew that was my destiny. The way the music flowed similar to waves, crashing against rocks and then slowly pulsing on the sand. The way the flags put color into the air, explaining the story of a show of music for people that cannot hear. It had entrapped me. The music and its visual representation sucked me into its spiral of happiness and some lessons of life. There’s loads of ways music can transform someone's life. Here's how it transformed mine. When I was in sixth grade, my favorite class was always music. We had fun, almost every day, and practicing the recorder was one of my favorite activities, as a sixth grader. At the end of the school year, I…show more content…
We just tested what kinds of noises we drew out of the mouthpieces, but it was engaging. I couldn't buzz a brass mouthpiece properly, a clarinet reed wouldn't quite secure a sound, but percussion and flute were both natural to me. I ended up choosing the flute to play for the rest of my high school career, but the flute led me somewhere new. It moved me to a whole new world in high school. That world is marching band, it showed me an abundance of new routines and tosses that I learned to love. It introduced me to my best friend Mardi, whom did not play the flute, but was in color guard. She showed me color guard, my whole life was quickly consumed by…show more content…
My junior year, 2014, we had a show called, “Forbidden” that brought us one place away from making finals at Oklahoma Bandmasters Association, equivalent to the state contest for the majority of sports. That was one of my favorite shows, it was emotional and fierce. The year after that, my senior year has been the best show since the last time we had made finals at Oklahoma Bandmasters Association, which was 2009. Six years later, we not only made finals, but we earned our way into the top ten bands of Oklahoma. I know that might not seem like much to you, but it endured four years to even secure a spot in finals, it was the proudest moments of my life. I will never forget the brisk air and the sentiment in the

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