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The key to creating to perfect marching band is to have unity between the members so they can be able to all express the same message. Each member within the band should look and sound like one. A marching band without unity would not be able to make it far in their competitions or performances. The unity in a marching band is crucial and important aspect which can be gained through, rehearsal of basic marching fundamentals, balance of sound in the band, and the practice of discipline in each member. Firstly, in a marching band the form of each marcher is important to creating unity, so the rehearsal of basic marching fundamentals is crucial. Every aspect of a marchers form is improved when the fundamentals are put into play. Fundamentals play an essential part in the marching band and should be a top priority. “It is important to remember that no matter what the situation is, there must always be some time spent on foundational techniques” (Stein Par. 17). The constant rehearsal of marching fundamentals would help the band by assisting them in looking like one. The…show more content…
A marching band sounds best when each member balances out to each other. The sound is much stronger and the impact can be more dramatic when balanced is achieved. The sound of a band should be balanced by the pyramid scheme method which means, that the higher the pitch of the instrument is the softer they have to play and the lower the pitch of the instrument is the louder they have to play, essentially creating a pyramid scheme. “To achieve a pyramid of balance, band members should think, listen, and balance down at the section, instrument family, and full ensemble levels also it is important to constantly monitor for good balance within the band.” (Heidel par. 5). A balanced sound within the marching band is needed in order to gain

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