Hugh Henson Contributions To Canada Analysis

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The contributions of numerous Black Canadians are significantly important to Canadian history today. Some of the people who made important contributions to Canada’s history are Chloe Cooley, Josiah Henson, and Leonard Braithwaite. Chloe Cooley, an enslaved Black woman, made some struggles against her “owner” which then lead to the creation of the Act to Limit Slavery in Upper Canada, 1793 — the first legislation in the British colonies to restrict the slave trade. Josiah Henson was born enslaved and escaped with his family to Canada in 1830. With the help of other abolitionists, Henson created the Dawn Settlement. They sought ways to provide refugees with the education and skills they needed to become more independent in Canada. Leonard Braithwaite,…show more content…
He was the first African Canadian to be in a provincial legislature when he was elected in Ontario in 1963. Soon after he spoke out against racial segregation in Ontario schools, the Ontario government repealed the law that allowed school segregation. Cooley, Henson, and Braithwaite are three of the many Black Canadians who helped change the ways in Canada and in doing so, contribute significantly to its history. Although very little is known about Chloe Cooley, an enslaved woman, her struggle against her “owner”, Sgt. Adam Vrooman resulted to the creation of the 1793 Act to Limit Slavery in Upper Canada. “The Act recognized enslavement as a legal and socially accepted institution. It also prohibited the importation of new slaves into Upper Canada and reflected a growing abolitionist sentiment in British North America.” (Historica Canada, Henry, 2013, para. 2). Chloe Cooley was a Black woman enslaved by United Empire Loyalist Sgt. Adam Vrooman. When…show more content…
Henson and his family settled near Dresden, Upper Canada. He is one of the founders of the Dawn Settlement with other abolitionists whom, with his leadership skills, he was able to command so together they can build the settlement. He and his other associates sought ways to provide refugees with the education and skills they needed to become more self-sufficient in Canada. Henson believed that Black persons needed to learn skills within their own community. So in 1841, he and his partners purchased two hundred acres of land, and in 1842, they established a trade-labour British-American Institute. The school being the central focus of the settlement was created for students of all ages and is also designed to train the teachers while providing education. “Henson was active on the executive committee until the Institute closed in 1868. He served as Dawn's spiritual leader and made numerous fundraising trips to the United States and England.” (Historica Canada, Yarhi, 2008, para. 1) WithoutJosiah Henson, the Dawn Settlement might not have been built, thus nothing would have helped the refugees become more determined, self- sufficient and independent. Josiah Henson contributed to the Canadian history by helping former slaves from the United States to adjust and live a new and better life in

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