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Kayano Vail Miss Royse English 4 1 April 2015 Joining Band The sweet sound of hard work and dedication, that’s right, that’s what high school and college bands do. Whether it be classical, jazz, marching, or rock, nobody can get enough of it. Music is what calms the mind, and brings people together. Band promotes creativity and individuality amongst students. Some of the top artists started from a garage, one hit gigs, and even high school marching band. Joining band teaches you way more than any normal class, you get the opportunity to learn creativity, responsibility, and trust while having fun and enjoying music. For starters, reason one, band teaches creativity and individuality. It is a class or club you can participate in. You participate…show more content…
When you prepare a team to go into a big competition, you practice and rely on your team mates to help(Medford). Same with band. Every band member is expected to be able to play a certain part and excel in it. In marching band, you are given a piece of music for the big show and you are expected to memorize it in time for the big performance. The band is one big family. If one person doesn't meet expectations then the whole group looks bad. It is the student’s responsibility to keep up in the class because, “if you look bad, then the whole band looks bad. It only takes one person to mess it up. If you do everything you’re supposed to then you will be just fine.” – Brian…show more content…
That's not true. You can't have all the benefits band provides in normal everyday classes (WHY). Through band you learn to be creative, how to be responsible, and to trust yourself and others. Normal classes only teach you the basics of that required class. That's no fun. Other classes such as art teach students to be creative yes, that class is one of the many that help with creativity. There are different ways to be creative, band is one of the most common. Responsibility is tough in every class, you have a set date for an assignment and it is the students responsibility to turn it in on time. It's band it's taught by being responsible for band equipment such as uniform, music, and being present(Medford). For trust, during a group assignment you trust your classmates that they will do their part and help. In band you trust your band family to do their part and help the whole band

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