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Through taking many dance classes at the University of Kentucky I have not only improved my dancing in a variety of styles from jazz to ballet to modern, I have also learned about the methods I prefer to learn from. Recently I learned I enjoy smooth graceful moments and to move through space slowly rather than what some would call energetic. This varies for every dancer and is just my own personal preference, there is beauty in every style. Following my readings of “How do You Learn to Dance”, “The Body is an Instrument” and “Developing Listening Bodies in the Dance Technique Class” I furthered my knowledge of my preferred learning methods. After reading, “How do You Learn to Dance” I concluded that I prefer the first method called “The Dive-Right-In Approach”. While my preferred styles of…show more content…
My favorite way to learn is not by reading or doing research its by watching following and attempting on my own. I’ve found myself learning with this method for dances that were popular at my school, such as the soldier boy, pop-lock and drop it, as well as cotton eye joe. Each of these dances are simple and repeat the same basic steps. No previous dance history would be required to learn them, and thats why I enjoyed them so much, I was able to dance with basically anyone in my age group and it would typically be in a casual environment. The creative movement approach interests me a lot and I understand how it would work for many people, however after reading the listed questions on page 15 of “How do You Learn to Dance” I realized that this is not my preferred method. I came to this realization because while I am comfortable exploring new dance movements I am not comfortable with it when it’s in front of others. Also I am afraid of preforming dances the incorrect way, especially in front of a crowd. Finally, while the

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