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Think back to the last football game you were at and about to marching band that performed. Back in high school I joined marching band my last two years of high and I can honestly say it was a life changing experience. I have gained many friends and everyone became basically my second family. According to back in 1970 the first competitive marching band was created. A marching band consists of musically inclined performers that could play under the categories of percussion, brass, woodwinds, drum majors and a color guard. The first step to becoming a part of a marching band is to pick your instrument. For some people playing an instrument it is natural. However for others it takes more practice and effort to learn how to read and play music. If you are good at keeping rhythm then maybe you should consider playing in percussion which could be playing the snare, tenor, bass, or symbol’s. If you do not have asthma then you can consider playing a brass or…show more content…
One of the most important basics that you will learn is how to march. Marching is a little bit different than normal walking, you roll step, and you have to keep your weight balanced, your upper body has to be straight, and your head has to be up. Some practice rules would be to show up on time, when most band directors say practice starts at 6:00 that means to be out on the field ready to start at 5:45. Most band practices are two days week, then football game Fridays, and competition Saturdays. Also in the summer you will have a two week band camp which is hard but has its fun moments. One of the major things about marching band is that appearance. You have to take a lot of effort into caring for a uniform, not to eat or drink it. Also how you act in uniform reflects the appearance of the school and the band. After you learn all the basics and the rules of taking care of things, next comes the fun part the

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