Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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School is a place for learning, for development. It prepares you for your future; but what happens when learning-time becomes nap-time? A Raisin in the Sun is a play by Lorraine Hansberry, is read in schools, and is basically a waste of time. Students can’t relate to the story in any way and it doesn’t accurately represent culture. It is a story about a whole bunch of unrealistic people who make bad decisions. A Raisin in the Sun is an uninteresting story that doesn’t give anything to students, puts them to sleep, and includes an unrealistic plot and characters. Students are forced to read this play and don’t get anything from it. For starters, the story was written in 1958 when culture and society in the US were very different. Students…show more content…
The plot contains a little bit of racism that tries to dissuade the Younger family from taking a hard earned rest from their laborious life, but they just go ahead and move anyways. It would convey better if the story continued on to actually show us how the blacks were treated by whites, but it doesn't. Readers are left seeing that the racist white guy has a weak case and doesn't really care if there are black people in his neighborhood. Readers are also shown that Walter has a great, ambitious dream that he isn't allowed to accomplish because he is a black and has a lame job. It would be a lot more sympathy inducing if he didn't waste his family's money on beer, or skip out on work, or give what money he does have to a sketchy thief. The characters in this story have completely unrealistic relationships that leave readers confused and even a little exasperated. The way that the Younger family interacts makes you wonder why they are all still living together, it is almost ludicrous. Although there is some racial tension in the story, A Raisin in the Sun's poorly developed characters cancel it out with their childish antics so that it can't even be considered realistic
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