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A marching band is a group of instrumental traveling musicians who generally perform outdoors and who incorporates some type of marching or other movement along with a musical performance. The instruments that are used that are used within the band includes the bass, woodwinds, and also percussion. The band may also may also include a color guard. The purpose of the color guard is to interperpt the music that the marching band or drums are playing through the synchronized work of flags, sabers, rifles, the air blade, and also interpret the music through dance. A marching band not only perform musical pieces, the also entertain with steps and movements that creates a moving musical ensemble. Sometimes the marching band forms designs such…show more content…
Marching band evolved with more structure in the military the structure of the military marching band became the beginning of the marching band. The military model of the members and the military tradition lead to the development of the band today. John Philip Sousa was the leader of one of the first well known major military marching bands. He wrote many well known marching band tunes. He also began the tradition of taking their marching band across the country for the annual fall concert tour. he then later formed his own marching band that toured in the United States and Europe. In the nineteenth century the marching band became an increasingly popular feature of the American life and also in the American musical world. The band was usually associated with performing during American football games. Many university bands were generally associated with their military JROTC programs. In 1907, breaking the tradition of the usual university bands, the first pictorial formation was performed on a football field. Director, Paul Spotts Emrick had seen a flock of birds fly in a V formation and decided that a band could replicate it in the form of show formations on a field. The first halftime show at an American football game was performed by the University of Illinois Marching Band in 1907 at a game against the University…show more content…
One type if the marching is military style. Military bands and field music were historically the first marching bands. The instruments varies but they generally contains brass, woodwinds, and percussion. Given their purpose, military marching bands typically march in a forward direction with straight lines. Music is performed at a constant tempo for steady marching of the entire military group the band is playing with. The marching step size is consistent and usually at a six steps per five yards. This style includes field music units such as drum and bugle corps or bugle bands, pipe bands, and fife and drum corps. Military marching bands often perform in parades with other military units and march in the same manner as other military personnels. Almost all military marching bands have disappeared from schools in the United States. Exceptions of this style of band include the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band from Texas A&M University, which is the world's largest military band. The Highty-Tighties of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets, and the Cadets of Norwich University Military College of Vermont, the oldest college band in the United States and the nation's first private military academy. There is also a pocket of about high school military style marching bands in Eastern

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