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Karlee Reed Coach Croley AP Language/Composition 4 March 2015 Period: 2 In the 1920's a change in the status of women both legally and socially became noticed. Women of this time were known as "The New Woman." Changes in the women's status included the following: Ocupations, education, political participation, attitudes and behaviors, and even marriage. This era was also when the National Women's Party began, where woman joined and sought to achieve sufferage. The "New Woman" was a feminist idea that emerged in the late nineteenth century and had a profound influence on feminism well into the twentieth century. The nineteenth century sufferagette movement gained women's democratic rights was the first and most important influence…show more content…
During the 1920's women also became successful, educated artists and athletes. F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel "The Great Gatsby" is based in this time era and tells of a young woman that goes by Jordan Baker. Jordan was a professional golfer, who did not have such high morals. Numerous businesses in the 1920's were highly prejudice against female labor and women getting a professionally made job. A huge achievment that the sufferagettes reached was the right to gain an education. Women won the right to universities and colleges. Some women were out for a professional education and becoming lawyers, doctors, journalists, and professors. The New Women in the United States were participating in the post-secondary education in larger numbers by the turn of the twentieth…show more content…
What stood out the most to those who lived in this era was that women began to smoke in public. Following that act women drove cars, and played in organized sports. Before the 1920's women's skirts were rather modest, but by the time the sufferegettes took over they got shorter and shorter. In Fitzgeralds "The Great Gatsby," women's clothing were evidentily more showing while at Gatsby's parties as they crowded the yards and dancefloors with their eye catching dresses. Which made women rebel against "old fashioned" clothing. Flapper dresses were the best fashion statement, and they were only worn when women were out to have a good time in town. Women on the 1920's became known as

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