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The Art of Marching Band Marching band has wide variety of uses, such as for the military, getting the football team worked up for the game, and developing a place where children can express themselves the way that makes them the most comfortable. Music itself relives stress and can lead a person into a new state of mind, it allows the brain to escape the real world for as long as the song is playing. Emotion is expressed through music and makes you want to move. Marching band allows students to connect with the music and express themselves through playing and marching. The marching band shows the dedication of a child, importance of music, and balancing out the duties of everyday life. In the 19th Century Military Bands were developing across the country. Marching Band led the Marines, Navy, and the Army into battle to their fight songs. This motivated the Military right before going into battle and gave them a sense of pride to fight for their country. As time passed and the world began to evolve, so did the Marching Band. From back in ancient times in which a few people played a couple instruments and traveled with carnivals as entertainment, to a whole new diverse 'world' ( Band Heads). The creation of the Marching Band opened a door to success in child development and social aspects of life.…show more content…
John Phillip Sousa, an important figure and role model to many instrumental musicians, developed the first known marching tunes ever. He led the U.S Marine Band across the country to preform in a variety of concerts. After his leadership was greatly recognized he formed his own band which toured in Europe (New World Encyclopedia). He became very well known and was considered a musical genius. Even today marching bands go to contests and receive the "John Phillip Sousa

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