Analyzing Ann Sexton's 'Wanting To Die'

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My reading response is over Ann Sexton’s ‘Wanting to die” poem. Ann over time becomes like the yellow wallpaper, a mental illness inside. The life she was given paved a road of so much hurt. A life of abuse, one wouldn’t wish on their enemy. The conflict is, Sexton captivates her openly expresses thoughts in regards to her obsession and continuous battle with suicide. Sexton writes so many signs of evidence to wanting to commit suicide. Any reader can tell Anne’s present state of mind towards her thoughts of suicide. Being a pill popper and a drinker will make anyone clouded and confused. The feeling of wanting to die makes life feel empty and without purpose, which she expresses through I walk in my clothing. Anne writes to commit suicide is a voyage, like demanding a trip that is only one way, her desire for death. Sexton makes a God reference that she is praying,…show more content…
She uses a simile of carpenters saying that like carpenters they want to know which tool. They never ask why build. Ann wants to die but not sure which way to go about it, cut her wrist, bleed to death or, tie a rope around her neck, jump from a chair. Sexton has a very strong desire to want to die. The want to die is so strong that it consumes her entirely, physically, mentally. A lot of people attempt it but not all suicides are successful. The rush from it is almost an addicting drug on its own a drug so sweet. To me it is like going a rollercoaster ride and it gets up to 100 miles per hour. You get off that ride, your blood is pumping faster than normal, your heart is pounding out of your chest from the thrill, the fear you feel inside. Attempting to die is some reason in the brain and the hurt wants to stop the hurt. She uses children as a metaphor for innocence; stating what her childhood and life have deprived her of and what she can never get back. At the end of the poem, Ann states her reasons for wanting to commit

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