Othello Love And Hate Essay

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In the play Othello (1603) by William Shakespeare, love and hate are two most critical far-reaching themes expressed throughout the play. First, there is the great love between Othello and Desdemona, which leads to their marriage. Then as the play progresses, Iago the villain in the play, manipulates Othello by gaining his trust and injects him with the poisonous seeds of hate and jealousy. Thus, the great love between the couple fades away as hatred, jealously and revenge takes over Othello – which only ends after he murders his wife. Iago’s character is very diabolical from the beginning of the play and it is analyzed that Iago’s motivation for wrecking Othello’s happiness and his life arises solely from hate. Directly, Iago does no harm…show more content…
Othello kneels down and swears to God that he would get revenge. Then, Iago also kneels down along with him, asking Othello not to get up yet and promises Othello, which is more of like a vow- that he devotes his mind, his heart, and his hands to Othello’s control. He says he will do what he asks, no matter how violent it is going to be, sort of like ‘your wish is my command.’ Othello wants Cassio dead is three days and to this Iago answers that Cassio is dead because Othello requested it. After this the scene ends with Iago saying that he is Othello’s forever [3.3. 454 – 479]. This is where the theme of Iago’s homosexual tension appears between Iago and Othello from Iago’s…show more content…
Out of all the villains created by Shakespeare, Iago tops the list as the most venomous villain or as Othello calls him ‘Honest Iago’ who is overwhelmed with lust for evil. Moreover, it can be doubted whether Shakespeare displays Iago as the ‘Devil’ himself in a human form, since during those times homosexuality was not believed to have existed, like how it is now in the twenty first century. Even if it did exist secretly during those times, it would be considered devilish - as it says in the Bible. Even today, this is a matter of great controversy in our

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