Angela M. Balcita's Essay 'The Americano Dream'

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Freedom, diversity, open-minded, possibility are words that people usually use to describe the so-called American Dream. But are there many people who realize the American Dream also includes thin walls, tiny apartments, pickpocketed and abrupt cashier? Angela M. Balcita in her essay “The Americano Dream” presented the other side of the American Dream, which did not solely have sunshine and roses. This is the story about a man who sincerely believed in his American dream. He ignored those who doubted this and came to America “in a suit and tie” (222)—confident and in high spirits. But he realized afterwards that there were dark corners and distorted details in the perfect image about his dream. He straddled two worlds and constantly questioned how he could live in one world and still connect to his home country. This essay intrigued several trains of thought in me since it presented a realistic drawing of lives…show more content…
The small Filipino man learned a valuable lesson: “You learn that Americans are so tall. You don’t seem to fit. The pants are too long and your shoulders are tiny in their tailored shirts.” (222). Even though clothing was what the author mentioned, it was a metaphor of culture. Balcita implied the feeling of being culturally lonely. It happens when you repeat a joke that worked thousands of times before but no one laughs. It happens when you and your friends live in the same city, study in the same room, but oddly have nothing in common. America is said to be “a melting pot”, but still there are differences, racism and discrimination, and the journey to the ideal environment, where there are “neighbors who smile at you” (223) and “parties to go to” (223) has never been easy for immigrants. This part of the essay makes me think of the puzzle game: A single piece seems to be the perfect match for a specific spot on the puzzle board, but there are imperfect edges and curves that prevent it from

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