Love On The B-Line Analysis

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Halei Rochus Mrs. Love Hilliard Creative Writing 25 January 2017 Subway Love In Love on the B-Line by Adam Kraar, two lovers dispute over their relationship at a subway in Brooklyn. Kraar uses a style that is simple and commonplace, but romantic still. The characters, Robbie and Marie, are rather ordinary and are living through a situation which many real-life couples also experience. This literary piece thrives on realistic human element, making is easy for readers to relate to them and understand the emotions that Robbie and Marie feel. Love on the B-Line is a believable and easy to follow read, dotted with romantic metaphors, and concluded with an unexpected ending. Robbie is depicted as a sort of hopeless romantic, while Marie is written as being a character whose past relationships have hurt her and caged her as if she wasn’t a wild bird. Kraar reveals limited information about Marie and her past life, which leaves the reader guessing and wondering what the “very dark place” that she refers to herself being in was. Both characters are believable and easy for the audience to relate to - Marie is damaged and perhaps afraid of being happy again, which is understandable after Kraar describes her as having lost herself taking care of other people. Robbie is hopelessly in love…show more content…
It perfectly depicts the struggle of many modern-day relationships, furthermore even by setting the play in a very modern place. Marie and Robbie are realistic characters who experience hardships and have skeletons in their closet. Kraar successfully molds these characters into people that the audience can relate to, while still retaining the drama and emotion that most dramatic plays have. The author pays close attention to the detail of the characters, but still keeps some information from the audience, leaving them engaged and wanting to learn more about the rather mysterious history of Marie, and the lovers
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