The Pernatic Analysis Of The Language Of Advertising In Airia Advertising

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THE SEMANTIC ANALYSIS OF THE LANGUAGE OF ADVERTISING IN AIRASIA ADVERTISEMENT 1.1 Background of Study Advertising has become a powerful element within the media empire. People are exposed to many forms of advertising every day, either consciously or subconsciously. There are strong prejudices about advertising, however, it must be admitted that it is economically necessary and beneficial. Advertising is so effective means of communication that it attracts attention. According to the theory proposed by Dyer (1982), advertising means drawing attention to something or notifying or informing somebody of something. The issue of whether advertising languages are attractive and persuasive or not has became the point of attention. The language used in…show more content…
III. DATA ANALYSIS The data were collected from various AirAsia advertisements on the internet. Then, those advertisements listed and analyzed based on the semantics types of meaning. Each data will be analyzed quantitatively in order to get the meaning of the data. 1. Connotative Meaning The overtones or associations which a word suggests or implies. Example: “FAMILY MATTERS. TRAVEL WITH THEM NOW!” Just look at the word “family” here. This word often associated with love, care, tenderness, forgiving, and etc. AirAsia is tried to persuade the people that they should have a holiday with their loved ones. It can strengthen the love between the others, and AirAsia is ready to serve the best for them. 2. Social/Stylistic Meaning The meaning which is appropriate in different context. Example: “FLY HOME FOR RAYA WITH US” is formal, and the word “home” is casual. “Home” is often associated with comfortable and peace. In my opinion, in this advertisement, AirAsia indicates that passenger’ flight with them will be as comfortable as it is at their home. 3. Affective

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