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Under Armour is an apparel company that has in a short period of time become one of the biggest sporting apparel companies in the world. This paper will describe the history, mission and vision statements, and the evaluation of the internal and external factors of Under Armour. With all of the success that Under Armour has had there’s still some problems that Under Armour needs to address when it comes to reaching out to the women’s market and also venturing out internationally. With all the success that Under Armour has had in such a short time there are several avenues the company can take that will definitely take them to the next level. Introduction Under Armour is one of the biggest athletic apparel companies in the world. With only…show more content…
With all of the reconnections and close relationships Kevin has in the National Football League he had a big advantage. By the end of 1996, Kevin had his first sale that grossed $17,000. By 1998, Kevin moved out of his grandmother’s basement and built a massive warehouse and Baltimore, MD was the headquarters of Under Armour (The Business of Under Armour, 2018). With the company already growing rapidly, Plank got his big break when he decided to help supply the movie “Any Given Sunday” with apparel. This was an exceptional idea because of the movie being based around professional football. He used all of the momentum and ended up with an advertisement in the ESPN magazine. This helped sales by the end of the year jump over $750,000. In 2003, Under Armour started a female line of apparel and then by 2006 Under Armour started their footwear line. Mission Statement Under Armour’s Mission Statement states “Make All Athletes Better Through Passion, Design, And The Relentless Pursuit Of Innovation (Vision Mission & Values, 2018).” When reading this mission statement, the innovation sticks out to me because Under Armour’s innovation is trying to develop the most high-tech products on the market to help athletes all over the world. Under Armour wants the customer buying their product to feel like their products do make you better and gives the customer a different pursuit when they wear the apparel. Vision…show more content…
The main key that gives Under Armour a competitive advantage over Nike and Addidas is their online sales. Under Armour receives 30% of their sales from online purchasers (Ball, 2015). Consumers like being able to order a product that’s readily available and that is why a lot of Under Armour’s customers prefer to buy online. Organizational Culture Under Armour has a unique and strong culture. Under Armour takes pride in continuous efforts in progress their diversity. Under Armour has Culture Clubs that focus supporting different groups. “The UA Unified Club emphasizes on building credibility with the LGBTQ athletes and develop different types of business strategies focused on LGBTQ consumers” (Under Armour, 2018). The second club that Under Armour has is called UA BEAT. This club was created to support and create opportunities for Black teammates at Under Armour through careers and through the community (Under Armour, 2018). The third club that Under Armour has is UA Military Veterans Club. This club “connects military veterans across the organization to provide mentorship to new teammate veterans, increase participation in philanthropic service, and guide the development of military-themed UA products (Under Armour,

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