Glamour In The Great Gatsby

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Introduction In this research task, firstly it will be proven to what extent the film, The Great Gatsby, uses glamour and fame in order to conceal the underlying problems faced in the 1920s, secondly with the use of other sources it will be proven how the Americans were oblivious to the chaos and problems which occurred from this wealthy period. Lastly other sources will be used to prove that a crash was inevitable as not all Americans benefitted from this glamorous period. During the 1920s, there was an economic boom in America. The factors which led to the boom include Industrial Strength, World War 1 (1914-1918), The Republican Government policies, New industries; New methods and the American state of mind. While the economy appeared to…show more content…
The film shows that the banning of alcohol had backfired which had eventually made the liquor a lot cheaper. Therefore proving that America was drowning in a period of abundance of wealth and that the Americans were oblivious to chaos that was ultimately around the corner (Source A). During the 1920s, advertising became a strong weapon throughout America. The use of advertising made the items look more appealing and desirable to the customers. Advertising was used to indoctrinate Americans into believing that they had a right to all these items and to take part in this wealthy period. The use of advertising allowed consumers to take full advantage of these higher purchase schemes as well as allowed consumers to buy these consumer goods on credit which they would have previously not been able to afford if they had purchased it for cash (Source E). These higher purchase schemes meant that ordinary Americans could ‘buy now and pay later’; this allowed consumers to purchase these consumer items immediately. Hence all Americans were able to enjoy this period and purchase all these items on credit (Source C). The use of advertising made people believe that the American dream which stated that all Americans had a right to this prosperity and that spending money was of better quality was true and possible (Source E). Consequently, it is clear that the American Dream caused many Americans to believe that there was no end to this wealth. Through illegal activities such as bootlegging which Gatsby participated in and with these high purchase schemes offered, the 1920s was seen as a time of easy money and therefore for many Americans it was unknowing that a crash in the 1929 was
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