To Kill A Mockingbird Critical Lens Analysis

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Looking through another lense Understanding the viewpoint of another is a very valuable lense to be able to look through. Observing life from another's point of view is very powerful tool. In the famous novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Scout learns this quality through her father's teachings. Scout learns that everyone deserves a chance to tell their story because everyone fights their own battles. Scout Finch's neighbor, Mrs. Dubose, taught her that you might have to persevere through pain and suffering in order to achieve a goal. When Scout goes over to Mrs. Dubose’s house, she wondered if “Jem’s activities had put her there.... She was lying under a pile of quilts and looked almost friendly” (141). Momentarily, Scout even feels…show more content…
When being questioned by Atticus about her relationship with her father, Mayella hesitates before stating that her father-Bob Ewell- had never touched her in an aggressive manner (246). She has to think very carefully about answering this question because she knows that if she told the truth about her father's actions, he might possibly retaliate in an even worse way. She lied in such a confident tone, that almost implies that her line was rehearsed to cover up the truth. Mayella was more afraid of her father's repercussions then the offenses of lying to the law. Later, when being questioned about Tom’s ‘beating’, “Mayella was silent. She seemed to be trying to get something clear to herself”, and when questioned if Tom hit her she stated that “‘I don't recollect if he hit me. I mean yes I do, he hit me’”(247-248). Mayella’s additional hesitant response on trial, leads us to believe that she is lying on the stand. She knows that she wasn't beat by Tom, but Mayella continues the lie because it hurts to face the fact that her father had beaten her senseless. She lied to everyone who was in the courtroom that day: the judge, Atticus, Mr. Gilmer, every jury member, every white person, every black person, every mother, father, and child. But the person who she lied to the most,…show more content…
She realizes that everyone has a different battle in life that they fight, some people have to fight more than others. But from this fact, she recognizes that everyone should be able to share their perspective or thier side of the story. Scout’s neighbor teaches her about mental toughness, despite any pain and suffering. Mayella Ewell taught her that some people will lie in the face of pain. Arthur Radley taught her that even when you don't have much in life, you can still make the best of what you have. You can learn a lot about others and yourself when you look from the perspective of another. Everyone experiences life a different way. We as people need to understand our differences and except each other as we are. Despite our variations in lifestyle, we all have the right to share how we look through the lense of

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