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Putting People AT Ease While Drawing Their Blood: Phlebotomy Degree (1050 Words) Would you enjoy working as a laboratory technician or medical assistant that specializes in phlebotomy? Does it sound like your dream job or would you like to use it as a stepping stone for moving on to more complex roles in the medical field? Studying phlebotomy will enable you to become proficient at drawing blood from patients, which can then be used for analysis and diagnosis. It is a very vital procedure and has an important role in the medical field. By studying the subject you can ensure that you are able to extract blood with efficiency and without causing undue discomfort for your patient. Since blood analysis is one of the most important tools that medical clinicians have available to them as a diagnostic tool, it means that the work done by phlebotomists is of vital importance. Phlebotomy Degree Information Associate of Applied Science in EKG - Phlebotomy Technician The Associate…show more content…
In terms of subjects, an aptitude for mathematics and science is recommended. First and foremost, phlebotomy is probably not a good career choice for anyone afraid of needles or squeamish about the sight of blood! Good people skills are an advantage as you’ll be working with patients. It is also important to be compassionate as your work involves dealing with patients that might be scared of the process involved with drawing blood. One of the most vital skills to have as a phlebotomist is being detail oriented. Incorrect data or losing track of vials of blood can cause a lot of problems, which is why being detail oriented is so important. Since the job requires you to work with your hands a lot, it is a big advantage to have a high degree of dexterity. Finally, to avoid causing patients pain or discomfort, it is crucial to have good hand-eye

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