Negative Effects On School Bullying

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Bullying affects people mentally and increases to suicide risk. Most bullying cases cause school shooting, people that are bullied will suffer depression and make them feel bad about themselves. Most of the bullying happens in school other cases could be at home, online, messages, or even letters or notes. The victims of bullying will get tired of it and eventually taking their own life away because of so much pain and sadness. Bullying can damage someone for their entire lives knowing that they was tormented, heartbroken, and beaten inside. Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school age children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance (“School Bullying” 1). Parents and educators are concerned about the…show more content…
The boys at the school played a game called “pig races” on the school bus, the object of the game was for the senior boys to chase and catch that they thought was the ugliest and fattest girl and to kiss them on the cheek. Alex was often singled out by the senior boys, to the perverse delight on onlookers, including the bus bus driver employed by the school (Byellin 2). The great majority of schools shootings are perpetrated by victims of bullying. “Bullying is increasing among students in schools worldwide”(Kalman 1). The media has bombarded us with horrible stories about victims of bullying taking their own lives, causing the public to continue growing in fear and loathing of bullies (Kalman…show more content…
Studies show the bullying often cause depression (Ollove 3) which can lead to suicide. “Being involved in bullying in any way, as a person who bullies, a person who is bullied, or a person who both bullies and is bullied is one several important risk factors that appears to increase the risk of suicide among youth” (“School Bullying” 1). We know that bullying behavior and suicide related behavior are closely related.Involvement with bullying are more likely to report high levels of suicide related behavior than youth who do not report any involvement with bullying behavior (“School Bullying” 2). When a young person who takes his/her own life and leaves a note pointing directly to the suffering and pain they have endured because of bullying is shocking and heartbreaking (“School Bullying”

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