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Science and/or Spirituality? Abstract: The present paper attempts to understand the relationship science has with spirituality. Attempts have been made here to examine the impact science has made in various spheres such as society, religion, spirituality, tradition etc. The churning would result in the fact that spirituality is blind without science and science is lame without spirituality. Key words: Science, society, tradition, literature, religion, outlook, philosophy, knowledge, human, reasoning Introduction Science is a queer thing; it brings gifts with one hand and stabs you in the back with another. In simple terms, science is any or that department of knowledge in which the results of investigation have been logically arranged and systematized. Further, science is an orderly presentation of facts, reasoning, doctrines and beliefs concerning some subject or group of subjects. In general, it may be called systematic knowledge. It results in the knowledge of fact or facts, phenomena, laws, approximate causes, gained and verified by exact observation, organized experiment and ordered thinking. Science probes into numerous subjects: fusion power, embryo research, complex and fatal diseases, habits of animals, congenital defects, space explorations, remote sensing, analysis of the…show more content…
It could be used to take away lives, just like a criminal or to save lives like a surgeon. We can consider it as a bonanza or a curse. It depends on the perception of the individual. Spirituality must not be perceived merely as a ritualistic and pious life. It should, on the other hand, be a journey to discover the ultimate transcendental stage. It is not a choice between science and spirituality but a choice of science and spirituality. My attempt would be aptly summarized by a quote from Albert Einstein, “Spirituality is blind without science and science is lame without

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