Reflection On Empathy

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Overall, I feel that I was able to stick with empathy better than I did the first time I recorded. I feel that I was able to repeat what the girls were saying in a clearer way. Since the girls were not getting along, by repeating or interpreting what the girls were saying, I feel it helped defuse the situation so that the girls could understand what the other was truing to say. For example, when Lilly says that AD has three dolls and she only has two. AD immediately becomes defensive and yells that that is not true and that she is not playing with that third doll. I was able to repeat what AD was trying to say; that she is not playing with that third doll and therefore I do not have three. I feel that AD was trying to express that just because it was near her doesn’t mean she was using it. This situation could have started a fight, but instead by slowing the conversation down, AD was able to find a solution to move the doll out of the way so that it was not causing a problem. I feel that during the recording the attitude and tone went from being angry and whiny to being happy and calmer. In all, I left the conversation in a good place and the girls were able to play and get along. I did notice that I only asked two questions during this conversation, which…show more content…
AD had a Barbie shoe in her hand and she started to put it in her mouth. This is something that we have been working on with her. She loves to put everything in her mouth. In addition to this being a reoccurring issue, the stomach bug was going around their mothers home and I did not want her to be spreading germs. I asked her not to put it in her mouth and explain why, AD listened and did not press the issue. After reviewing this recap, I feel that I did a more effective job at using empathy and personal message. My skills were able to deescalate the situation and leave the girls getting along and playing together
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