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The next novel, Leave it to me, Mukherjee’s protagonist Debby Di Martino, is a fun- loving twenty three year American girl, searching her bio parents. All the protagonists of Mukherjee’s novels are searching their own identity. The idea of the story Leave it to me, begins to the author, at the time of arresting an Asian serial killer. Bharati Mukherjee attended the trial in the Delhi Court. She is fascinated by the evil incident, so she plans to draft it. It takes twenty years to draft the novel. Here she recollects in her interview about the draft, I was traumatized that for two months, I couldn’t face reconstruction of that stolen draft. And then, on a hot July afternoon in Saratoga Springs, I experienced a miraculous emotional break through. I heard Debby’s voice. She spoke the first page and half of part one. After that Debby took over, as had Jasmine and Hannah in my two proceeding novels. She surprised me. She became my alternate self, the ‘what if ….?’ self. The pace, the language, the events-…show more content…
The protagonist searching her bio parents, her bio-parents are, “lousy people who considered her lousier still and had left to be sniffed at by wild dogs like carcass in a mangy shade”(LM 10). The Gray Nuns of the Sisters of Charity saves her and baptised her as Faustine, after she is adopted by the American parents Debby thinks that her parents did not want her, so they leave her in the side of the road. She finds that she has a Genetic conflict in her childhood. The conflicting impulses give a result of struggle with her mind and the nature. Where Debby is totally changes her attitude through this conflict. For instance, while shovelling snow in her place, she smells “heady hibiscus scented breezes” and she feels the “tropical heat and humidity” (LM 9, 10). When the class teacher teaches her to compose a rhyming couplet, she stumbles on her “psychic legacies” (LM

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