Conscientious Meat Eater Analysis

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The first time I even looked at “Is It Possible to be a Conscientious Meat Eater” by Sanaura Taylor and Alexander Taylor I could tell something wasn’t right. Sanaura is an artist, writer and activist from Oakland, California and Alexander studies philosophy and ethics in Athens, Georgia. The article is about how people treat animals, or chickens in particular, harmfully and people eat way too much meat than they should. Although Sanaura and Alexander did makes some good points for their article, they had a few things wrong such as, it wasn’t structured very well, too many opposing views, and not sourced hardly at all. The structure of an essay is supposed to be the mold and what keeps the reader interested. But this essay didn’t do that for me. It was very confusing on which order the author was going in with the piece and where she seemed to get her information. There was no building up to the worst point but it was just put down on the paper. Not to mention her statistics. Her statistics could have come from anywhere she had about three or…show more content…
They could be from anywhere. Which is wrong if she is providing false stats because that could make her point look better but it really isn’t that much better. In the essay it says, “Many cage-free or free-range live in devastating conditions...are kept in huge, crowded and perpetually dark buildings, with a single opening leading to a few square yards of bare earth.” Which it says is almost as bad as the current conditions. So that doesn’t help point in the least bit. She is saying we need to eat better, healthier food that is raised and lives in better conditions. That is her whole point for this article and she just broke it all down by saying that the chickens are in conditions just as bad. That is the worst possible thing she could have said. It made me not want to read it

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