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Topic: Critical analysis of “Private Violence” a documentary directed by Cynthia Hill. Submitted To: Sir Athar Farooq Submitted by: Imran Akbar Class: M.phil 2nd Introduction Private violence is an American documentary film in 2014 directed and produced by Cynthia Hill. The film focuses on the issue of domestic violence, as told through two survivors. Ultimately, the film centers on distributed logic commonly asked question: "Why has not left alone?" Private domestic premiere in the US program in the documentary competition of the Sundance Film Festival in 2014 on 19 January 2014, where it won incandescent. The film was shown in full festival Frame Documentary…show more content…
HBO Documentary Films Private Violence first aired on October 20, 2014. HBO movies and Women Make Movies are both distributors. Reviews "Private Violence ... With shocking clarity that shows that the worst of such cases rarely Include only a single punch, and that the problem is much more rooted than a Twitter trending-in-time makes it seem." (Neil Genzlinger, New York Times) "An annoying new documentary on domestic violence have a single aim to stop people from asking the question" Why not leave it alone? "Once and for all. "- Huffington Post '' Private violence 'makes painfully clear that obstacles emotional and legal battered women endure just to feel safe again in or outside the home. Brisk and disturbing, it should be an eye-opener for all the understanding of violence Whose family arrives at the suggestion of ignorance, "" Why did not you leave? "- Los Angeles Times '' Private violence 'Proposes has no easy solution. But maybe, just maybe, we will reach a point where the law is on the side of the victim - which is always the best way to stop bullies, bullies For all MOST hate what is a fair fight. "- New York Daily…show more content…
"- "Documentary Hill moves, private violence, reveals the intimate stories of two women: Deanna Walters, who transforms from victim to survivor and Gruella Kit, which advocates for justice ... nominated for the prestigious Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival Since the documentary reveals the stigma of "shame" and "helplessness" of victims. "- Standard Examiner "It took a lot for me to get through private violence, a profile feature length by an advocate for battered women that aired on HBO tonight at 9, that every TV documentary I've seen. The filmmakers should consider this a compliment ", -. Matt Zoller Seitz Critical Analysis The film tells the story of survivors of domestic violence: Kit Gruella defender of victims of domestic violence back seeking justice for all survivors of violence, and Deanna Walters, Robbie whose estranged husband kidnapped and beat him for four days in the cab his truck, but was not arrested for

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