Disadvantages Of Top Up Construction

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Chapter 2: Literature Review 2.1 Introduction In Malaysia, deep basements have been extensively constructed, especially in the last 10 years, to effectively utilise the underground space for car parks and other usage in the expensive and congested urban area (Gue & Tan, 1998). Good foundation design and construction practice means not only insulating to save energy, but also providing effective structural design as well as moisture, termite, and radon control techniques where appropriate (John, Jeffrey and Kenneth, 1991). Substructure construction work can consider as one of the challenging part during the construction period of high rise building because there are many potential risk exist compare with other parts. Besides that, high rise…show more content…
can be used to replace retaining wall. This research will discuss the benefits of top-down construction, the sequence of the top-down construction works, the innovative structural and foundation design. Advantages of Top-Down Construction Method Using Top-down construction will bring some significant advantages against other construction method. The obvious advantage of utilising top down construction technique is that the superstructure can proceed upwards from ground level simultaneously with the excavation downwards (Chew, 2009). The project duration are reduce and the construction activities can be expedited because no scaffoldings, formworks are required and the compacted earth can use for the same. Besides that, temporary strutting system is not required during the excavation and construction of the substructure because the structural slabs is used to replace internal bracing. Furthermore, the temporary support walls are used as the permanent structural walls (Quade & Douglas, 2010). Therefore, the construction time are become lesser and the construction activities have been…show more content…
In fact, most of the contractor familiar to bottom-up method because top-down method only suitable in city area, normally top-down method will not be adopted if not necessary because it is expensive and difficult to manage. Unlike top-down method, the construction equipment and materials can be deliver inside the excavation easily. Bottom-up method excavate to the lowest basement first then start to construct, this method allow sufficient working area to the workers and machineries, thus logistic is not a big issue during the construction stage. Waterproofing can be done by apply to the external surface of the structure. Besides, drainage systems allow to install outside the structure to discharge water from the structure. The workability to install material to the external or outside the structure are one of the most attractive point of this method. The employing of bottom-up method has the benefit of requiring fewer plant facilities to operate and thus it is more suitable for use in smaller site where the depth of cut is relatively shallow (Singh,

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