Art Analysis: Wild Magnolia By Rashaad Newsome

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This is an analysis of a collage in a custom made frame entitled Wild Magnolia by Rashaad Newsome from the “Orders of Chivalry” collection done in 2013, now on display at the SCAD museum of art. I will be discussing my personal analysis of the design elements of this work such as the perspective, and proportion and also the compositional elements such as the use of color, shape, and texture, in addition also my personal reaction, opinions, and interpretations of this work. The most striking thing about this piece is the contrast of the frame to the collage within it. The frame is composed of carrying kinds of flora in shades of over-saturated unnatural shimmering colors giving beautiful texture and movement. The center is a collage of chains of different sizes arranged in a fluid motion. The composition is well put together and is visually pleasing to me especially because everything is symmetrical,…show more content…
The colors chosen between the frame and the inside are contrasting but not in a harsh way, it seems to me that while the whole thing is one art piece this contrast in color as well as material informs the viewer that these are still two separate entities within one overall work. The line work directs the eyes all around so it is impossible for the viewer to only focus on one aspect. Another compositional element that plays to that effect is the shape of and within the work. The inside is comprised of a circle with a multitude of teardrop shape outlines that are arranged in a mandala-like fashion while the frame surrounding the circle is an implied square without a concrete outline providing a softer edge contrasting the hard lines of the center. The final big player in the piece the use of texture, which builds up from the

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