Stephen Hawking's Impact On Our Society

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The beginning of something new is the end of something great. Stephen Hawking, born January 8, 1942, the exact date three hundred years ago for the death of Galileo Galilei. As most people heard of Stephen Hawking, for having appearances on many television shows and movies. Most people know him just as a very smart person who is paralyzed and only able to communicate through a computer. Many questions how did a man deserve to have such a device that says what you are thinking. Hawking has made a groundbreaking impact on the scientific community within the past 50 years. It is time for everybody to commemorate Stephen Hawking for his impact on all of us, for death has caught him on the date of March 12, 2018. Hawking is treated as one of the most important and influential theoretical physicists of the twentieth century with his theories on black holes, the no boundary theory, and the search for a grand theory of the beginning of…show more content…
Stephen Hawking did not only change affect people thoughts on science but has also made a great impact to our hearts. Seeing a man fighting ALS and still keeping his goals and dreams ahead of them creates him a role model to many. Hawking was known for living everyday like it was his last. Starting in college, Hawking was just an ordinary college student that wanted to party, get drunk, procrastinate, and be lazy. Although he was smarter and different than everybody else, he was not pushing himself to his maximum potential. It was not until he was diagnosed with ALS that made him realize what kind of impact he can do to society before he leaves. Everyday, thinking that he wont wake up tomorrow, Hawking pushed himself to complete his goals. As a result, Hawking has impacted all our lives and all of his revolutionary discoveries impacted the development in

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