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Article Summary The article is an interview with Dave Almeda who is the head human resource for Kronos. The talking point of the interview is boomerang workers and the benefits of accepting them. The term boomerang refers to a previous worker who leaves a company and later down the line returns to the same company. Mr. Almeda gives good examples on why people decide to boomerang back to companies. He classifies boomerang employees into four sections. The first is a traditional boomerang, those employees who see opportunities elsewhere. The second is life-event boomerang employees, unpredictable life events that cause an employee to relocate. The third type of boomerang is the seasonal hires; this applies to retail and hospitality that have busy and slow periods. The last type of boomerang employees is the ones who are not satisfied with the new company culture and decide to return. The other four talking points of Mr. Almeda are how Kronos handles former employees, traits of a good boomerang employee, positive and negative of rehiring employees, and the strength of a boomerang employee compared to other employees. Article Analysis…show more content…
As a Human Resource Manager, the goal is always to choose the top candidate for the job. Candidates who previously worked for the company provide many benefits than somebody with no association. The HRM should not have negative bias on the formal employee. Instead, the HRM should try and understand why the employee left the company in the first place. There should be an understanding if the employee decided to leave the company for a positive reason. A formal employee is beneficial to the company because HRM will have previous data base on the employee job performance and training. Previous employee who left the company on good merits will also understand the company

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