Percy Jackson Lightning Theif

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1. Title: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif 2. Setting/Time Period(s): Modern Time New York, America 3. Write a paragraph summary of the story. Percy Jackson is a sixth grader who always thought there was something wrong with him. Especially since his father left him when he was very young. When odd things happen at school he discoovers he's actually a half blood. While traveling to a camp designed to keep half bloods safe hsi mother is vaporized into thin air. Settling into the camp of demi gods was hard, especially since he wasnt claimed by one yet. When a game of capture the flag starts, Percy's true powers shine and he is claimed by the sea god possieden. Everything seemed in order for Percy... that was until Zeus' master bolt was stolen from Olympus and the…show more content…
In order to redeam himself to the king of gods, percy is sent on quest with his best freind Grover and a witty girl named Anebeth. On their way to travel to hades in the underworld they expierience setbacks. Starting from crazy old ladys with wings to a queen of beasts blowing up a skyscraper. Percy faces manny troubles yet none of them hinder his goal. When they reach the underworld they discover that Percy has had the bolt all along when it was given to him by the war god Ares. Percy faces a big decision in the underworld, save his mother and one of his freinds or leave his mother and take his freinds. He choses to leave his mother in order to carry on his quest. When they reach the surface, Percy battles Ares as the god realizes his plan didnt work. This is when Percys "true" powers come forth and hisabilities manage to hurt a god. When they reach Olypus, Zeus gets his master bolt back and Percy meets his father for the first time. With a heart warming reuniting, he goes back to Half Blood Hill only to discover one of his freinds has been dragged by Kronos to the dark side and his mother was reincarnated. He goes back to his mom and decides

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